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omslag Congenital deafblindness

Congenital deafblindness

Supporting children and adults who have visual and hearing disabilities since birth or shortly afterwards.

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Living with congenital deafblindness is not easy: you can gain very little information about your environment yourself, you need adaptations to be able to communicate with others and gaining control over your environment is extremely difficult. Therefore deafblindness requires a specific approach.

This book provides practical information about deafblindness. What is it exactly? What types are there? How does it affect a person's daily functioning and what should you pay attention to as a caregiver? What issues exist in the physical and social environments and what aids are available to help? Clear information is provided to highlight all facets of deafblindness.

The many practical examples make this book very useful in every practice. This book aims at professionals who are involved in supporting people with congenital deafblindness. The practical character of this book also makes it appropriate for parents and relatives.

Authors: Saskia Damen en Mijkje Worm

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ISBN : 9789082108613
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